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Home Made BBQ Sauce Recipes

What is better than good old homemade bbq sauce recipes? When you prepare your own home made barbeque sauces you can add some of your favorite ingredients and spices and your family will love the time and love that you use to prepare these exquisite dishes.

The basic ingredient in all barbeque sauces is a tomato base of some kind. This can be in the way of tomato sauce, tomato paste, tomato puree, and even whole tomatoes. Then other ingredients are onions, garlic powder and other seasonings.

Now, you are ready to start creating your own recipe. First start with 1 can of tomato sauce, add chopped onions, other vegetables that you like such as jalapeno peppers, red or green peppers, then you add your spices, some people use such flavorings like garlic, cumin, and ginger. Use your favorites.

Okay, to make the bbq sauce sweet you can add ingredients such as granulated white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, pancake or waffle syrup, or even splenda or sweet and low. You may also wish to try some fruit; this can give your bbq sauce a very unique flavor that everyone will love. Try frozen red raspberries in syrup or maybe pineapple chunks in syrup. This new flavor will enhance your meal and give it a new flavor that you will enjoy from the ordinary bbq sauce that you can purchase at the store.

Do You like it hot. No problem. Try experimenting with this basic hot barbecue sauce

After, you have all the ingredients in the saucepan and mix together well, bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer until the mixture thickens, now pour the mixture over your meat or baste your meat with your unique home made bbq sauce and grill.

You will be proud of your new recipe and your dinner party will be begging you for your secret recipe.

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