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Filet Mignon

Filet mignon recipes are great for any dinner party or even a small get together. Not only will you enjoy creating wonderful meals with these small cuts of steak, but your guests will love the flavor and aroma from these fillets.

Recipes for this delicacy can be found in every country all over the world. So, what ever your taste buds are hankering for you will be able to find just the right seasonings to quench your desires. As you begin your search you will find recipes for Chateaubriand, Tournedos, and Beefsteak all use this small cut of beef. Most recipes that call for filet are referring to the tenderloin cut of beef.

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This wonderful cut of filet is used in many recipes because it is very tender and usually just falls apart with the touch of your fork, if cooked properly. You never want to overcook your filet steaks. This releases the juicy flavor and makes the meat tough.

There are many recipes for this small filet cut that your family will enjoy. You will enjoy grilling, broiling, baking, and even using your Crockpot to entice your family to come to the dinner table. These cuts of beef will have everyone at the table at the same time. Enjoy serving a great meal with filet mignon that your entire family will love.

You can also find many recipes for sauces or marinades that will enhance the beefy flavor of this tender filet cut. Use your own unique seasonings and add them to a recipe you find to make your own creation. This will give you something to brag about and your dinner guests will be begging for the recipe. Your steak dinner will be a delicacy that everyone will talk about for days to come. You will never hear another person say that they can not attend one of your parties again.

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