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Skirt steak Plate Boneless Round Recipes

Skirt Beef plate boneless round steak recipes are fajitas, steak salads, London broil, steak sandwiches and even steak and egg breakfasts. If you can purchase your skirt steak already marinated then you are half way to a wonderful meal.

The process of marinating these steaks will enhance the hearty beefy flavor of the steak. Many times you can find them already packaged in a marinade and they come fully ready to cook. Sometimes, they are marinated and then quick frozen, either way they are a very delectable addition to your dinner table.

If, and this is a rarity, you can't find a marinated piece of this meat, marinate is yourself.  Try some of your own favorite marinates, or just use a dressing such as Italian and marinate your steak for 2 to 3 hours in the refrigerator in a covered dish. You will be surprised out just how wonderful this steak will taste after you marinate it with your favorite seasonings.

There are many wonderful beef skirt recipes but one but it might be in the name, The Steak Caesar Wrap will most certainly bring up happy faces at the dinner table.

The items you need are 6 pounds of beef skirt or round steak,

  • 3 tablespoons of pepper,
  • 6 pounds of romaine lettuce,
  • 3 cups of Caesar dressing,
  • 6 ounces of parmesan cheese,
  • and 24 tortilla shells.

To prepare the steak, rub teaspoon of the pepper on each side of the round steak, then cut the steak into a few pieces, grill the steak to your desire doneness. After the steak is cool, cut into small bite size pieces, place in a bowl with a lid.

Cover and place in your refrigerator. Next, prepare the rest of the ingredients for the wrap. For each serving place the amount of lettuce, dressing, steak, and cheese that you prefer.

Toss the ingredients together and place in the center of the tortilla shell. Now, wrap the shell and you are ready to serve.

Salads on the side and there you go. Enjoy your meal!

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