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There is more to Cooking Ribeye than Grilling Alone

You may hear many people say that grilling is the only way to cook aRibeye Steak fine ribeye steak, but there are other ways in which to prepare this wonderful meat

A ribeye is just like any other cut of beef; the only difference is that it is usually more tender and juicy. So, knowing that you should understand that you can cook this cut of steak in all the same ways that you enjoy your steak.

You can Broil, Bake, Pan Fry and Grill this Steak

Broiling, baking, pan frying and yes of course grilling are all acceptable ways for cooking this scrumptious steak. Your family will enjoy this steak cut no matter how you cook it as long as you come up with new recipes to serve.

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Good Recipes - Use your Favorite and Replace one Word

Finding new ways to prepare this meat is easy. Just pick out your favorite steak recipe and substitute the steak for ribeye.  And as with all steak recipes the real secret is:

Keep the Juices inside the Meat

If you want to bake your ribeye filet you should always sear the cut of beef in a pan before baking.

 Sear each side for at least 4 minutes, and then remove from the pan with tongs and place in your baking dish. Then bake as usual.

You can also use various marinades to enhance the flavor of your cuts.  And enjoy cooking ribeye any time of the year if you can remember that you do not have to grill the steak to enjoy a delectable tasting steak.

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