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Blade Steak Recipes

Blade steak recipes can spruce up your dinner with a new twist on how to prepare steak. Blade steak is sometimes referred to chuck steak. Steaks are taken from the tender cuts of beef, and you should remove excess fat before cooking. But, do not remove all of the fat. Leave just a little and cut sideways slashes in the fat to prevent the steak from curling while preparing. The fat left on the steak will help to hold the juices inside the steak and will also aid in cooking.

Easy ways to cook blade steak recipes for grilling is to brush the steaks with melted butter, margarine or use a vegetable oil. Preheat the grill before cooking your steaks and always cook at a medium heat. Also, never use a fork to turn your steaks, this will allow the natural juice of the steak to be released and your steak can become tough. It is better to use tongs, this way you will not pierce the steak.

If you prefer to fry your steak try this. In a hot skillet with oil, quickly brown the steaks on both sides. Then reduce the heat and cook until desired doneness. Remember, the steak will still cook after it is removed from the heat source. So, remove it just before your preferred doneness.

If you would like to try casseroles for your blade steak recipes here is a great one. You will need:


  1. 1 pound of blade steak,
  2. 1 can of cream soup (you can use mushroom, onion, or celery),
  3. 1 cup of diced celery,
  4. 1 small bell pepper,
  5. 2 tablespoons of butter or margarine,
  6. cup of uncooked rice,
  7. 1 cup of beef broth,
  8. 2 onions sliced,
  9. salt,
  10. pepper, and
  11. 1 cup of water.

 Cut the blade steak into small cubes and fry with the onions, celery, and a small amount of margarine until the steak is lightly browned. Add the rice, beef broth, cream soup, salt, pepper and water. Bring all of this to a boil. Cover and simmer for 1 hour.

 Check often to see if the water has evaporated. Add more as needed.

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