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Chicken Fried Steak Recipes



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Chicken Fried Steak Recipes

Everyone enjoys good chicken fried steak and there are many ways in which to prepare it..

The basic ingredients you need for these recipes are the same. These are cube steak, flour, eggs, seasoning, and vegetable oil. This is all you really need to create some great tasting chicken fried steaks.

 The gravy is always an option but is a great addition. The basic ingredients for the gravies depend on whether you desire cream gravy or brown gravy. If you prefer cream gravy you will need milk for brown gravy water is used.

The basic chicken fried steak recipes all begin the same way. To change these recipes add your own favorite seasonings.

The first item to prepare is the flour mixture. Mix together flour, salt and pepper. This is where you can add your seasonings. Many people use items such as cayenne pepper, seasoning salt, garlic salt, even Italian seasoning. All of these ingredients will give your breading a wonderful and unique flavor.

Next, you will need to stir together an egg mixture. Some chef’s only use 2 eggs with nothing added. I prefer to add just a little milk, while other people add a small amount of water.

Now, you are ready to begin .

First lay your cube steak into the flour and turn it over several times to be sure that the steak is entirely dredged in flour.

Then, dip the steak into your egg mixture completely soaking the steak with the liquid. Now, place the steak back into the flour and dredge once again. Okay, now you can fry your steak in a heated skillet with a small of vegetable oil.

Now, onto the gravy that accompanies chicken fried steak recipes. You can use the grease that is left in the skillet from frying the chicken fried steaks. This will be a wonderful beefy flavor. You will need to be sure that you have at least 8 tablespoons of grease in the pan for this recipe.

If you do not have enough grease you can add more. I prefer to add butter as I enjoy the taste that it produces. After you have 8 tablespoons of grease heated in the skillet add 1/3 cup flour. I prefer to use all purpose flour, because self rising has other ingredients that can change the taste of your gravy.

Stir the flour constantly until it thickens; now add milk or water according to your taste. As the liquid thickens, add more milk until the gravy is the consistency that you desire.

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