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Cooking Filet Mignon in the Oven



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Cooking Filet Mignon in the Oven

Cooking filet mignon in the oven is a very simple way to prepare the most wonderful flavored steak in the world. This will be a very tasty beefsteak that everyone will absolutely love.

Before preparing your filet steaks, I would start the rest of the side dishes.

Using the oven to cook your filets will only take a total of 16 minutes. Before you prepare your filet steaks for baking you should add any seasonings that you like and gently rub them into the meat. This will help to keep the flavor in. If you prefer to use a marinade and soak your steak overnight that is also great. Either way you can still use your oven to prepare your filet mignon steaks. Grilled
First, you will need to have a large skillet and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Pour the oil in the large skillet, preferably one that can be place in the oven as well such as an iron skillet. Heat the oil until you notice small wisps of smoke appear, then place your mignon steaks in the skillet.

Sear each steak for 3 minutes on both sides. This helps to hold in the natural juices of the filet steaks and also aids in keeping your steaks tender. Now, place the pan in the oven and bake in a pre-heated oven on 375 degrees Fahrenheit. For a rare steak you will want to bake for 4 to 6 minutes, for medium 6 to 8 minutes, and for well done you will want to bake for 8 to 10 minutes.

This is the easiest way to prepare beefsteaks that everyone will enjoy. The best part is you did not have to slave over a hot stove to serve your family a wonderful and yummy meal. You can also add other sauces to the prepared steaks like butter sauce or steak sauce. Either way, your meal will be delectable.


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