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Filet Mignon Imbrue in Savory Sauces or Marinades



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Filet Mignon Imbrue in Savory Sauces or Marinades

You will find that will you cook filet mignon imbrued in any type of marinade or serve with a unique will give your dinner guests something to rave about for days.

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Filet mignon is the tenderest cut of beef that you can purchase and when you soak these small cut steaks in a marinade the flavor is enhanced and makes your meal come alive with all kinds of tantalizing flavors.

You can use such marinades as barbeque sauce, pineapple juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, or other ingredients that are acidy.

Using an acidy liquid to soak your filets overnight will prepare them for grilling, broiling or even baking. When you saturate your filet cuts the flavor soaks into the meat and gives the steaks a unique flavor. Try other sauces such as smoke flavor and rub gently on the filet tenderloin and refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

Finding new and unique marinades and sauce recipes to try is very easy. You just have to check out the abundant websites that offer recipes for beef. These recipes will turn your plain small cut of steak into a savory and delectable treat. The new flavor will be dancing on your tastebuds giving you an adventure.

When you use these unique recipes you will not be just eating you will be traveling to places all over the world through your tastebuds. There are recipes from all over the world that will delight you family and dinner guests with new tasty treats. These filet tenderloin cuts will be so awesome you will want to try several recipes. You can enjoy filet mignon several nights a week and the flavor will be different each time according to the seasonings, marinades, and sauces that you decide to use.

Lemon pepper sauce is a great flavorful marinade that can also be served along the steaks for dipping. This will not only add a unique flavor but will give your family the chance to add more flavoring if they prefer.

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