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Grilling Ribeye Steaks to Perfection



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Grilling Ribeye Steaks to Perfection

Ribeye steaks are one of the most favorite cuts of beef that everyone desires. This is why it usually costs more at the grocery store. This is a very tender cut of steak so the flavor is best when grilled. So, grilling a ribeye is an excellent way to cook your ribeye steak to perfection.

The easiest and fastest way to prepare your steak for the grill is just by adding your favorite seasonings such as salt and pepper and then grilling to your desired doneness. You can also marinate your ribeye in a delicious sauce that will enhance the flavor and even tenderize your beefsteak more.

A very easy recipe for ribeye filets uses the following ingredients Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, vinegar, green onions, chives, salt and pepper. You mix all the ingredients together and soak your cuts of steak in the marinade overnight. Try to reserve some of the sauce for basting while grilling. If you can not leave the steaks in the marinade overnight be sure that you leave it in soaking for at least two hours.

Always remember to marinate in the refrigerator, bacteria can and will set up in raw meat that is left at room temperature. Also, turn your beef filets often to enable the sauce to soak into the steak. The longer the meat marinates the more flavor and tender your cuts of steak will be.

While cooking do not use a fork, use tongs. Forks will pierce the meat releasing the aroma and natural juices that your steak filets need to be moist and tender. You will enjoy your grilled steaks as well as your dinner guests if you serve them a moist, tender ribeye. It is very embarrassing to serve tough overcooked steak. If you follow these easy directions your ribeye’s will be delicious every time. Remember these tips when preparing any cut of beef and your meals will be delectable, tender and juicy, the way steak is meant to be.

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