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Secrets to Cooking Filet Mignon



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Secrets to Cooking Filet Mignon

You and your family love the flavor of filet mignon, but you just can’t seem to get the flavor like your favorite restaurant. Well, here are some tips that may help you cook your filet mignon to a delectable and tasty treat.

This cut of beef is so tender that you should never cook it too long. If you cook it beyond a medium rare stage it can become tough. The longer you cook this small cut of file the less tender and drier it will become.

It is best when preparing this flavorful beef cut is to use a high heat method like broiling, roasting, pan frying or grilling. This will help hold in the juices that will give your filet a wonderful beefy flavor.
It is also unadvisable to pierce the beefsteak with a fork. Every time you pierce the meat juices are released. The best way to tell if your steaks are done is by the touch method. If you like your steaks rare then the feel should be soft and mushy and will leave an imprint when touched. If you prefer your steak medium rare then the feel will be soft but slightly resilient. If you touch your steak and it is beginning to feel firm then you are overcooking.
Do not remove the fat from the edges of the filet. This helps to add flavor and will also help to hold in the delectable juice of the filet.

It is best to plan your meal and let your steak filets thaw before cooking, but if you did forget to get them out of the freezer, don’t worry. You can still have a great steak meal. All you need to do is place your meat a little farther from the heat when broiling or grilling. Now, just add about 2 minutes to your cooking time. You will still have a wonderful meal with this cut of beef even if you did not have time to plan. Just serve a green salad with the steak and you’re done.

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