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When you want to use a great steak recipe that you have found you must first look at the steak you are buying. A lot of times, the steak that you purchase will make or break the entire recipe.

When choosing your steak for your steak recipes select a steak that has a bright, cherry-red color that is firm to the touch, make sure the package is cold and does not have excessive moisture.Grilled Steak

Try to choose a steak that was cut that day. The fresher the steak, the better the flavor.

When you look at steaks for dinner remember filet mignon is the best cut of beef and T-bones come in second.

A t-bone or porterhouse steak is a wonderful cut for a nice beefy flavor. A porterhouse has more of the filet mignon than the T-bone. It may cost a little more but you are sure to enjoy the flavor more.

When using steak recipes it is always wise to use a steak thermometer. Usually steaks are tough because of the temperature that you allow the steak to rise to.

If you like your steak medium rare the internal temperature should be around 150 degrees. Place the thermometer in the thickest center part of the steak to get an exact temperature. If you are grilling your steak the approximate time would be between 10 to 12 minutes.

Never use a fork to prick your steak, this will cause the meat juices to be release and will leave your steak dry and tough. Use tongs when you need to turn your steak. Do not trim away the fat before cooking your steak, it will aid in preserving the juiciness of your steak, you can remove the fat after you are finished cooking.

Many people salt their steaks before cooking or during for most steak recipes, but you should not salt your steak until you are finished cooking it, salt will draw the juice off of your steak making it dry and tough.

Also, the closer the steak is to the fire, the tougher it will be, try to grill it at least 2 to 3 inches above the flame.

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