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What is better than a filet mignon steak?



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What is Better than a Filet Mignon Steak?

This wonderful small cut of tenderloin referred to as filet mignon steak is so mouth watering everyone loves this meal.

You know everyone loves this cut of steak, but you only know one way to prepare this delicacy. And you are very tired of cooking the same old thing. So, you are ready to try something new for this thick sliced filet.

Some other great ideas are to marinade your steaks overnight in a special sauce that will add flavor. You can use ingredients such as pineapple juice, wine, green peppers and onions. Just use some type of acidy liquid even vinegar and marinade overnight. Then you can grill or broil your filets to a perfect treat. Try your own variety of seasonings, all of these type ingredients will not only add flavor to your beefsteak but will also aid in tenderizing. You will not believe how much just this one little thing can do for adding to the flavor of your tenderloin.

You can also find some unique sauces such as butter sauce, garlic sauce or others that you can serve along with your steak. Pouring these delicious sauces over your small cut of beef with give it a unique and yummy flavor. Many of these sauces are very easy to prepare and you usually have them already in your kitchen.

Try using prepared sauces such as soy sauce, Worcestershire or even a hot sauce. Just add a bit to the marinade and soak overnight, or gently rub into the meat prior to grilling. You will love how easy it was to prepare something new and different with this cut of beef that your family will enjoy.

Try a new beefsteak recipe at your next dinner party; you will see that cooking filet mignon does not have to be the same old thing. You will also surprise your dinner guests will a great recipe from your kitchen.

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