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Seafood espically when it's fresh is a treat to your taste buds

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Seafood can be prepared in a multitude of ways

Whether you like preparing it on the grill, steamed, or baked, fresh seafood is a delicious part of a balanced diet--especially if you live in a place where fish and shellfish are harvested regularly. However, if you've been trying to find the fish that you want at your local grocery store, it may be a challenge to find fresh seafood. Here are some ways that you can find the best shellfish for you and your family eat recipes for seafood.

Look for the Color of the Fish you want to buy

One of the first things you should be looking for when it comes to fresh seafood is the color. While salmon and tuna are supposed to be pink, you should make sure that it isn't too pink, since some grocers will use preservatives in order to enhance the color. So, if you want seafood that is chemical free and doesn't have antibiotics, making sure that the fish is a healthy color is always best. For whiter fish, like snapper or tilapia, the color should be as light as possible. Also, the fish should be 'full'; breaks in the filet or shriveled parts of the fish are a sign that the seafood is no longer good.

Don't buy in places that smell a little too Fishy

You should also make sure that the seafood section of your grocery store or farmer's market doesn't smell too 'fishy.' When fish starts to smell, it is starting to go bad, which means that by the time you are ready to cook the fish, it may not be fit to eat. You should smell a hint of the ocean when are selecting the fish or shellfish that you want, but an overwhelming odor is an indication that you should get your seafood somewhere else. Also, you should make sure that you're shopping for fish on the day that you're going to be cooking it; even if the seafood is fresh when you purchase it, a few days in the refrigerator could alter the taste.

There are plenty of dishes to create with fresh seafood, so whether you want to recreate more traditional meals like lobster bisque or gumbo, or want to try pasta or casserole dishes,make sure to check out our seafood recipes index.

When you are not in the mood or you live to far inland to go to fish markets or speciality stores