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Grilled Salmon Secrets

Are you searching for the secret to a great grilled salmon? If so, you are like many others. Salmon or other fish steaks can be tough and dry if not prepared correctly. There are more than one secret in creating delectable grilled salmon steaks.

First, never overcook your fish steaks! When you remove your fish from the fire it is still cooking, you should remove it from the heat just before it is to your desired doneness. Overcooking cuts of fish will make them dry and tough. You can test the doneness by looking between the flakes of the fish.

Also never pierce your cut of fish with a sharp object like a fork. It is best to use tongs to turn your filets, fish steaks, or salmon steaks. When you pierce the salmon or seafood you are releasing the wonderful juices that aid in keeping your fish moist and yummy.

Marinating your seafood will also aid in tenderizing your cuts of salmon or any seafood steaks for that matter. You will need to use an acidy sauce like wine, pineapple juice, orange juice or even vinegar. This marinade will soak into the meat and will also enhance the flavor of your fish steak.

The longer you leave the fish marinating the more flavor will soak into the filets. If you can leave the fish steaks soaking in the marinate over night. The shortest recommended time would be 30 minutes. Remember to turn the steak to ensure that the marinate soaks into both sides of the cut of fish. Always refrigerate to marinate, never leave out at room temperature.

As you are grilling your salmon steak, brush with the marinade to keep your filets moist. This will be a very wonderful grilled seafood dish that everyone will be ready to try. The aroma of the fish while grilling will have them running to the table.

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