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How to Cook Salmon



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How to Cook Salmon

Well, most people love to grill salmon, but there are secrets even for this method of cooking to create a perfect salmon filet.

Grilling Salmon

You will find many different instructions on grilling salmon. The most important things to remember when cooking your salmon steaks on the grill is not to over cook.

You should cook each side of your filet for abut 5 minutes. Remember to leave the skin on the fish steak.

The skin holds the fat close to the meat and will add more flavor and juiciness. Another way in which to be sure that your fish filets are tender and juicy is to marinate them for at least one hour in your favorite marinade. Smoked Salmon

The best way in which to prevent your salmon from sticking in the grill while cooking is to brush your steaks with olive oil or vegetable oil or your marinade before turning.


You can also add:

  • salt, pepper
  • or other seasonings right

after you brush the oil on, to add more flavor.

Lemon juice can also be used to give your filets a wonderful taste and aid in the prevention of sticking.

Broil The Salmon

You can also broil or bake your salmon steaks in the same way. Just be sure that you keep brushing your salmon to keep it moist.

This way it will not become dry and tough. You can find several recipes online that will give you some great ideas on cooking your salmon in many different ways.

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