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Tuna Steak Recipes

Tuna steak recipes are becoming very popular today. Fat Fish like tuna contains the valued Omega 3 oil. And Tuna is tasty and has many varieties like albacore, bluefin, yellowfin and bonito.

Each variety has their own distinct flavor and is usually low in fat. Tuna steak can be prepared in several different ways but the secret to cooking a tuna steak is the same as with any type of steak. Do not overcook.

Let’s look at the different ways in which to prepare Tuna steak.

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Tuna Salad

Tuna can be seared, grilled, smoked, baked and pan fried. To sear tuna you should cook at a very high heat for just a short time.

The edges of the steak will be seared while the middle remains red and rare. The secret to searing is to check often by looking between the flakes of the tuna to see how deep the tuna steak has cooked.

When it has cooked about of an inch deep, remove from grill.

Tuna Seasonings

There are many wonderful seasonings that you can use for on your tuna steak before searing. Many people just enjoy salt and pepper, while others may use a large variety of seasonings. You can choose your own favorites.

Tuna steaks may also be grilled. and are doing great on the barbeque. Again, before you grill a tuna steak use any type of seasoning you desire and rub into the steak. The steak will cook some even after removing from the heat, so check often to see how deep the steak has cooked and remove it from the heat just before it is the desired doneness.

If you know how to smoke turkey, chicken or any other type of meat, then you know how to smoke tuna. Smoked tuna steak recipes are wonderful for any occasion. The trick for smoking tuna is you slice the tuna steak thin, the thicker the steak, the harder it will be to smoke.

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