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5 Ways to Entertain Your Guests on Boxing Day



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5 Ways to Entertain Your Guests on Boxing Day

Looking for new ways to entertain you guests on Boxing Day? Well, here are five ways to entertain your guests on Boxing Day that will be a big hit. Boxing Day can be a challenge after all the excitement of first Christmas day. Don’t worry we help you to get over the "dead point" of the Christmas holiday.

(1) Have a pot luck dinner in your pajamas.

Join your family in a relaxing, calming atmosphere. So many different dishes to try and numerous conversations to be had. The laughter will fill the room almost immediately. Everyone can take it easy with the reassurance that the hectic Christmas holiday is over. Always have plenty to drink and a traditional feast of roast lamb or beef.

(2) Shop, shop, shop.

Once your belly is full and you are fully relaxed, it is time
for a trip to the mall. The whole family will be delighted at the togetherness with family and the mountain of savings. All retail stores on this day have grand promotions and discounts. All the buy one get one free deals you could want. On this day, you will not leave empty handed if you are able to leave the mall at all.

(3) Give to the less fortunate.

Today, whether it be an entire city or just one
family, everyone give a few of your personal items to a good cause. Once you give, you can choose a couple of new items. It is frowned upon to take back your own, so please do not. During this time, fighting over such items is common. It is not discouraged; however, you should restrain yourself and look to the bigger picture. After all have chosen, the remainder of the items are taken to those in need. A trip to a local food bank, church, or hospital is encouraged. You can even go door to door. Also, please remember the service men and women on this day. These people work hard all year to provide services for you. It is time that you gave something back. They include the newspaper delivery man, the post man, home makers, and fellow employees. Tips and letters of appreciation are greatly appreciated.

(4) Letter writing ceremony before New Year’s.

This ceremony brings family and
friends closer. Letters have one purpose. They shed light into one’s life and bring forth insight into another’s hopes and dreams for the future. The upcoming year is closely examined and the wishing begins. No negative thoughts are to be addressed. No "I should have lost weight" or "I should have stopped smoking" statements. It is all about the good you have received and the good you will receive. This is a positive reflection of the year at hand and the new year on the rise. You are encouraged to talk about where you are now and where you would like to be in the upcoming year. The letters are left with the hostess of the party. They are sealed and post marked, then put away. One year later, the letters are mailed. Most receivers are surprised by how the letters, after being read, had goals which were not only accomplished, but some had exceeded what they expected.

(5) It’s all about the games.

Games are encouraged on Boxing Day. Take the
whole family and attend a sporting event together. If you would rather stay home, there are a number of games to try. A simple game of cards can be just as fun as a rousing game of cricket. Another popular game is Totopoly, which is the racing version of Monopoly. Also played are Whist, Rummy, and Poker. Learning about different countries on this day is a good way to wind down the celebration. Find out customs and what names are used for our beloved Santa in other parts of the world. Don’t just read about it.

Find some recipes you would like to try. What a new and exciting adventure!

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