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Five Ways to a Perfect Christmas Decoration



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5 Ways to a Perfect Christmas Decoration

A great Christmas dinner and a real Christmas atmosphere in your home is closely connected to the Christmas decorations you have put up. Of course their is the good old Christmas tree, but here are some tips to add that little extra touch.

Finding the perfect Christmas Decorations can sometimes be very trying with everything else you have to do during the holiday season. These ideas below will give you five ways for a perfect Christmas decoration that will be fun and decorative.

(1) Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar

This particular decoration is directed towards children. However, I believe, everyone can enjoy it. It brings out the child in all of us. You will need: scissors, tracing paper, red poster board, crayons, markers, or colored pencils, cotton balls, glue, and glitter. First, draw Santa’s face onto the tracing paper. You can trace a picture you already have or freehand it. Color his face as you wish. Next, cut out the face and glue it on the red poster board. Use glitter to decorate the background. Be creative. Use stencils and stickers. Cookie cutters are great to trace and they come in all kinds of seasonal shapes and sizes. Display the poster board somewhere children can reach it. Starting on December 1st, add a cotton ball for each day. By December 25th, Santa will have a full beard and you will be enjoying Christmas Day.

(2) Paper Snowflakes

Everyone remembers making these in school. Let us bring this project back. While white is a popular choice, a variety of colors may be used for snowflakes. It is up to you. Starting on a blank piece of paper, trace a cup to get that perfect circle. Next, cut the circle out. Fold it in half. Then make three equal folds. Cut whatever design you would like. The more snowflakes you make, the more detailed a design you will be able to do. Remember; be careful to not cut completely across the paper. Once you are through designing, open your snowflake. Now it is time to decorate. You may leave yours plain. They are pretty either way. You can add glitter, red or green acrylic paint or simply write your name. Make one for every member of your family. Put up your snowflakes on windows or use a hole punch. Add some wire and you can hang them from your tree.

(3) CD Ornaments

This decoration was new to me. It sounded neat and very inexpensive. Start with a CD that you are not currently using. Cut it into 5 or 6 pieces using sharp scissors. Punch a hole at the top of each CD piece with a sewing needle or hammer and nail. You can use thread or wire to hang these from your Christmas tree. It is amazing to see all the colors that these ornaments attract in sunlight. They sound really cool looking just leaving them plain. If you desire, add paint or glitter. You can even add cotton balls that look like snow upon that rainbow on the CD.

(4) Pine Cones

With pine cones the decorating never stops. Here is idea 1of 2. They are beautiful and simple. When you add pine cones to your home as decorations they give off a reflection of peace and nature. To dress them up, start with this: Spray paint them white, silver or gold. Next, roll your pine cone in glue. Then roll it in glitter. Pompoms or tiny cotton balls can be added to the branches of the pine cone to look like falling snow. You can also hang them from your tree. Attach paddle wire at the base of the pine cone. Then make a loop and hang.

(5) Another pine cone idea. Mini trees. Spray paint your pine cone white or green.

Next, take paper towel; roll it between your hands. Paint it whatever color you wish and you have garland. Old earrings make great looking mini ornaments. You can buy jewels to glue on your pine cone as well. Mini lights can be strung onto your mini tree. The decorations for this are endless.

Happy Holidays!

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