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Roast Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular meals to serve at all the Holidays, but the major problem with Roast Turkey is making sure that it is moist and tender. You will find that there are many ways to prepare a delicious roast turkey recipe after you learn the basics.

When you are looking for a turkey to roast it is always best to find a fresh turkey if you can. Fresh turkeys do have a better taste but frozen will work. You will need to completely defrost the turkey in the refrigerator before the day you are going to roast it.

On the day that you desire to serve your roast turkey recipe, take into consideration that it will take 15 minutes of cooking time for every pound of turkey, plus the preparation time.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

To prepare your turkey before roasting you will need the following ingredients 1 whole turkey, lemon juice, salt, butter, and 1 whole onion. Remove the giblets from inside the turkey and rinse the turkey thoroughly with warm water inside and out.

Rub your turkey with lemon juice and salt inside and out. Peel the whole onion and place inside the cavity of the turkey. This will add flavor and rid your turkey of the bitter taste. Rub butter on the outside of the turkey, this will help with browning and moistening your turkey while roasting.

I place my turkey breast side up in a roasting pan; some people prefer to place the breast side down so the juices will flow into the breast while roasting. But, as long as you baste while roasting your turkey will still be moist and tender. Now, close the turkey with string or skewers. Cover your turkey with aluminum foil like a tent; be sure the foil is not against the turkey.

About every 15 to 20 minutes baste your turkey with butter. You can prepare some melted butter to pour over your roast turkey while baking. To check for doneness use a meat thermometer, the temperature in the thigh should be around 185 degrees Fahrenheit while in the breast area it should be around 168 degrees Fahrenheit.

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