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America's Secret Restaurant Recipes Review

Reviewer : Anita Johnson
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Website Reviewed: America's Secret Cookbook

 Have you ever had the feeling that your meals are lacking just that “something" you do find in the meals in America's leading restaurants. This not due to the lack of  cooking skills, more often then not it's simply a because we don't share the secrets of those great Chefs America's Secret Restaurant Recipes 1 and 2, by Ron Douglas is about to change that.

He states : Now you can cook these great tasting meals at home yourself.  A bold statement so, does he deliver?

Testing the Restaurant Recipes Cookbook from Ron Douglas.

The amount of research put into the project is impressive, and the results are as well. After having taken  Secret Recipes to the test my opinion is a short and simple, Yes Ron delivers 100%.

With his guide you have a wealth of great tasting restaurant recipes right at your finger tips.

So What Will You Get

In  his America's Most Wanted Recipes Guide Ron shows in scrupulous detail how to prepare most great recipes right now in the comfort of your own kitchen.  His guide takes you on a tour that gives you an panoramic view of what you need to do to get the same results as those leading restaurant Chefs.

Think of it, now you really see in detail how restaurants like Hard Rock cafe, the Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, and even fast food outlets such as McDonalds and KFC give their meals the taste that makes them so unique.
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With the help the Secret Recipes Cookbook from Ron Douglas you are able to surprise you family with a perfect Outback Steak House dinner with a Starbucks Coffee dessert. Or impress you dinner guests with Red Lobster like meals, Olive Garden Salads or perhaps Applebee’s chicken Fajitas.

I found that with the Most Wanted Secret Recipes guide I could not only copy all the great meals, but armed with the knowledge of those great Chefs and research teams it's a breeze to use these tricks in my own recipes. Cloning the success of these recipes is a surefire way to improve your own cooking.

The guide saves a lot of time, frustration and restaurant bills. Your status as cook will skyrocket and see many happy faces at the dinner table.

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